Visiting Codman Community Farms in Lincoln, Massachusetts.

I am convinced that it is necessary to support small businesses, whatever they may be.

I also believe that with everything we are currently experiencing due to climate change – and covid – it is to consume healthier products. Think how many miles a tomato travels from Arizona to get to your table in Boston?

The carbon footprint of that tomato is extensive. Also, think about how many of those tomatoes arrive in bad condition, crushed or otherwise. But what happens if, instead of going to the supermarket, you go to buy that tomato or other vegetable from your local farmer?

First, you are helping a local business, you are helping to create a sustainable economy in your area, and you and your kids are consuming a fresher product.

Today, I visited Codman Community Farms to tour their facilities and record the sounds of a “regular day” there, as I did last year on another local farm.

The first sound I heard was the chicks, and I saw piglets !!

But let’s learn more about Codman Community Farms; the farm was founded as a non-profit in 1973 by a dynamic group of Lincoln residents who were passionate about preserving the historic property and maintaining its character as a real working farm. The property itself dates back to the founding of the town of Lincoln in 1754, whereby Chambers Russell named the city of Lincoln for his family home in Lincolnshire, England. He died in 1767 and left his original homestead – where he grew corn, flax, oats, hay, livestock, and poultry, to his nephew Charles Russell Codman.

More info is available here

Sustainable Farming Methods

Sustainable agriculture brings many benefits to surrounding towns and cities, which means these farms create social and economic systems.

Codman Community Farm’s cows are 100% grass-fed; I saw beautiful Red Devon Cattle. They feed their animals with certified organic grain from Green Mountain Feeds – Non-Gmo and certified organic grains -. Also, they have pigs, hens, flowers, and fruits.

I highly recommend visiting Codman Community Farm is a great way to learn more about the farm lifestyles and support them. My experience was great.

Also, I wanted to thank Peter Lowly for allowing me to record sounds on the farm.

A plus, you can order online some products by visiting the online shop

Instagram : @CodmanCommunityFarms

Disclosure :

I am the author of this article, and I have not received any payment or sponsor for publishing it. I have no commercial relationship with Codman Community Farm, and I am just sharing my personal experience.

Support your local farm !