Ep. 4 Wolves and Climate Change, What’s Behind? My Experience at Wolf Sanctuary: ‘Wolf Hollow’, Ipswich, Massachusetts

Wolves help to climate change and more.

According to an article published by The Guardian Climate change insight gleaned from Yellowstone wolves

Scientists studying grey wolves in Yellowstone national park have developed a method to predict how animals will respond to climate change.


The animals were reintroduced to Yellowstone in the mid-1990s after being driven to extinction more than 70 years earlier. White settlers to the Rocky Mountain West in the late 19th and early 20th centuries shot, poisoned and trapped wolves at will — an extermination effort encouraged by the federal government, which was interested in promoting livestock interests.

Interesting, right? Well, let me tell you that I made my own research and I wanted to learn more and more about these great animals and I visited ‘Wolf Hollow, in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

Wolf Hollow, is a wolf sanctuary and educational facility proudly staffed primarily by volunteers and supported solely by donations, adoptions, and proceeds from admission and gift shop sales. Since their founding in 1988, the mission has maintained a focus on the preservation of the wolf in the wild through education and exposure.

I had as a guest to Kevin Kenny, Program Manager of this sanctuary and we talked about…. WOLVES.!

Wolf Hollow, Ipswich, MA.

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