Article : The Impact of the Climate Strike in the World

Climate Strike: A world demonstration

Walking in Newton Center, Massachusetts, which is very close to Boston, I saw a young lady writing with chalk on the sidewalk: “Boston Climate Strike Sep.20th”

Immediately I shared this on my Twitter because this is so important to create awareness and reverse climate change.

What is the Climate Strike?

According to Collins Dictionary, the Climate Strike is a form of protest in which school students refuse to attend classes and instead join demonstrations to demand action to counter climate change.

I had the opportunity to attend the Climate Strike here in Boston, and I felt emotional seeing the kids — and some adults as well— holding their signs with different messages.

Boston wasn’t the only city in the world to take part in this significant movement, millions of people made history walking and protesting peacefully to demonstrate to their leaders, politicians and governments about what we are facing as a result of climate change:

Among other big issues in the world.

4 Million people demand climate action now

An exciting video from Greenpeace UK was posted on Facebook showing us the impact of this historical movement.

Alexander Verbeek, Founder of the Planetary Security Initiative.

Alexander Verbeek is a dutch environmentalist based in Stockholm, Sweden, and he is the Founder of the Planetary Security Initiative (PSI). This important non-profit organization aims to catalyze action in affected contexts.

PSI sets out best practices, strategic entry points, and new approaches to reducing climate-related risks to conflict and stability, thus promoting sustainable peace in a changing climate.

Alexander Verbeek, who attended the 2019 Climate Action Summit in New York, was my guest a few months ago on my podcast, where we talked about the impact of climate change.

As a key opinion leader, he was interviewed by TRT World, a turkish international news channel based in Istanbul.

Verbeek made a remarkable comment during this interview about the climate crisis:

“Climate Change is a kind of new enemy and we can beat it“ ~ Alexander Verbeek

Boston Climate Strike

While I was walking in Boston during the Climate Strike event I took some pictures of people with their signs that I would like to share with you

My final thought; even small actions can have a huge impact on our families, societies, and communities, all of which will help our planet.